Simple Pleasures.

Simple Pleasures.
Irish soda bread on its way up North with Noah.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Benefits of Braless Spinning

I was on my cell this morning, explaining to my friend Gail that I did actually intend to go to some work-related event tonight, but that I'd forgotten to RSVP. "I've been dropping balls everywhere," were my last words before I hung up the phone and ran into my local spin studio for my 9:30 class. Only when I warmed up a little and--like always--tore off my sweatshirt, did I realize what other balls I'd dropped this morning: I was still in my pajamas. And as if that wasn't bad enough, I had no bra on. I thought about getting off the bike and sparing everyone in class a rather scary show, but decided to stick it out. Having survived, I share here the hidden benefits of bouncing around a spin class without any support whatsoever:

1) I squeezed some extra mileage out of my tad-too-small pajama top, which is now two sizes larger.

2) I have a renewed appreciation for my humbly endowed chest. If I were built like my sister, I might have blinded myself or even been liable for inflicting grave (and embarrassing) harm on the biker next to me.

3) My erratically bouncing torso was so distracting, no one noticed the cellulite on my ass.

4) I was so busy laughing at my goof, drumming up fodder for this list,and trying to keep my chest under control that my torturous hour of hamster spinning passed like lightning.

5) This whole incident gave me the perfect opportunity to touch base and apologize for not posting this past month. As mentioned, I've been a little busy. And now that I might have to schedule a surgical lift, you might not hear from me until August!

In all seriousness, keep your eyes posted for a great appetizer recipe that will be your new "go to" for all those upcoming, end-of-year pot luck events. I just have to find time to make the darned dish and take pictures. Oh, and to fix my camera, which fell in a river. But that's a whole 'nother story....